Nude Pics

Spending time with my friends in the evening does mainly consist of viewing nude sexy figures. I am always interested in viewing pics of foreign girls than local. The foreign pics are absolutely awesome and romantic. Hence, I have collections of nude pics with me and was seeing those pics whenever I have

time and mood. Once, I was seeing the nude photos of foreign girls when I was attending classes in college days, a professor noted that and warned me heavily. In spite of the warning, I was used to see those porn photos without worries. Again it was noticed by the mentor and he sent me out of the class for one week. After one week, I was allowed into the class for attending the class. This time I wanted to change my behavior for attending the class. Hence, I decided to watch those obscene photos in my house when I was alone.

When I was alone in my house one day, I had a glimpse over the nude pics forgetting myself. I slept over those pics after some time without closing the main door of the house. My unlce came inside my room at that time when I was sleeping and he noticed the porn photos. He scolded me for my behavior and told me to tear those pics into pieces. I also did in front of him and promised him not to see those in future. After some months, again my interest on viewing those porn figures shot up and decided t download it from online sites. My friend helped me to download those in my pen drive and wanted to view them immediately by using my friends’ system. I also did the same and forgotten to erase those items in his computer. When his father viewed those nude photos, he slapped my friend with severe warning.

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