College Party

College parties are explosive arenas and getting laid is all what everyone is looking for. Unfortunately, most of the party revelers end up sleeping in their cold beds alone and drunk. You do not want waking up the following day and finding out that you are the only one who didn’t get any. Getting laid at college, party needs one to master the art of the game. These tips guarantee you a high chance of getting laid despite your looks.

Chat with the slutty drunk girls
If keep chasing girls with high self esteem or have friendzoned you, you will have no success at all. Slutty girls have are easy, add alcohol to the equation. Alcohol helps ease the process of taking her pants off. Don’t worry about your looks since all she wants is to fuck. Most of these girls date the school stars so avoid getting caught with her.

Fit in
Don’t go to a party and stay isolated. Try to fit in with your peers and you will find that you are having an easy time. Stressing yourself about how your

conversations are makes you struggle getting some. Confidence makes you look attractive and you will have a great night. Good conversations may lead to taking someone home later that night. College, party are great avenues of blending in with the popular crowd.

Host a party
Hosting college, party improve your bad boy image. This increases your chances of getting laid. Every girl wants some from the star of the party. The better your party is, the more you are worshipped by everybody. College, party intensity is measured by the number of attendees, unlimited booze, great music and if celebrities are attending.

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